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Newark Hoverflights primary activity is the provision of inland hovercraft cruising in the Leisure/Recreation/Tourism market centred, around the River Trent and with other land based and water activity at four other locations in the area.

Almost everyone from 5 years upwards will be able to experience the exhilaration of hovercraft flights with a trained and qualified pilot in full control, enabling you to make the most of your adventure.

Passengers can engage in this amazing activity without needing any prior training, experience, equipment or preparation.  Just sit back and relax - No Bover, Enjoy the Hover!  Enjoy the fun, the speed, the environment, the movement, the atmosphere and the experience from a unique and rare perspective.

The service will run year round, available 365 days and on demand but will naturally be subject to availability from time to time.  The Service will also be offered to the Police and the Fire and Rescue Service and the Local Authority for emergency assistance if required or necessary.

About the Hovercraft

British born engineer Sir Christopher Cockrell invented and successfully developed the modern hovercraft in 1958.  By trapping air under the hull inside a rubberised skirt from fans above, he was able to maintain lift and control of the craft. Now known as an Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV) it is a unique hybrid All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), capable of flying over almost any surface.

Used around the world, hovercraft are engaged in a wide range of activities, from Search & Rescue, Border control and Port Authority operations and Policing to Oil Exploration, Humanitarian Relief, Drug enforcement, Military transportation and passenger/car ferries.

It is more than capable of tackling all types of waters, sand, snow, ice, mud, stone, marsh and other solid surfaces. By In law, hovercrafts are not permitted on the roads in the UK unless by exception at the request of the Police or Rescue Services.

The hovercraft being used by Newark Hoverflights Ltd is a state-o-the-art Carbon Infinity750 craft manufactured by Hov Pod of Southampton. The 15.5 x 7.5 ft craft is constructed from a Carbon Fibre/Kevlar composite and powered by a125 HP Polaris engine driving a 9-bladed trust fan. It will carry a payload of 500 kgs over water and 650 kgs over land. That’s around 6 people over water and 8 on land, but subject to payload. It will have HDPE positive buoyancy, and be fitted with 3 across the beam seats, electric start and bilge pump, navigation and headlights and other safety equipment.

About the Owner/Director/Pilot, Kiyth Fotitt

Kiyth, founder, owner, director and pilot of Newark Hoverflights Ltd, was born in 1958 and is a mature frontline public service professional being a Healthcare Assistant in the NHS at Newark Hospital for 10 years, and also spending 13 years in recreation management. Kiyth is also a member of the Hovercraft Cruising Club UK, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, and Newark Business Club.

For over 50 years I have indulged my passions for the disciplines of Sea Scouting and Ninjutsu. With many years in Sea Scouting, my experience in leadership across the age range included nautical/marine instructor roles. Now a 4th Dan Black Belt in Ninjutsu, I’ve been an instructor with over 32 years of training have my own thriving dojo. I’ve become a well known local mentor to young and old alike through my activities.

With years of nautical expertise in power boating (gaining the RYA power boat level 2 in June 2016), canoeing, sailing, rowing and other similar aquatic activities I also have broader experiences in mountain, air and other outdoor activities. A consummate ‘outdoors-man’, a qualified first aid practitioner and lifeguard, I’m also a masseur, and a Reiki and Shiatsu practitioner. Holding current H&S First Aid at Work I’m also a former life-guard with open water experience.