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Is it a BOAT, or is it a PLANE? No, it’s a HOVERCRAFT!

Enjoy the thrills and adventure of this unique, hybrid all-terain, air cushion vehicle, which gives you the freedom to glide and slide over almost any surface where other craft can’t go.

As it dances over still waters, fast swollen currents and wild rapids, it can glide above the surface, crossing sandbars and shingle banks, and other surfaces like snow and ice, marsh or grass, concrete and stone. Safe and stable, the hovercraft will levitate above any surface.

At any speed the hovercraft will drift into turns and glide effortlessly on a cushion of air though 180° or 360° spins, either powering-out or coming to a rest.

It’s awesome. Absolutely exhilarating.


With the unique vision of its founder, director and owner, Kiyth G. Fotitt, Newark Hoverflights Ltd, based in and around Newark, Nottinghamshire, is the very first piloted inland hovercraft cruise and activity service, available for your experience and adventure, anywhere in the UK.

With a state-of-the-art Carbon Infinity 750 Hovercraft, we will offer cruises and activity for all to engage in. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the area, an organisation or a business, able or not so able-bodied, young or mature we can offer you a fantastic experience.

We will be available for:

So, as long as you’re over 5, you will have the opportunity to ride Invincible.

Centrally located in the East Midlands and within the UK, Newark sits on one of England’s major rivers, the River Trent. Over the years, a defence line and an obstacle for some, a major transport route for others and a heart of trading and business in the past. Now peaceful, and with access to a great environment of nature, Newark Hoverflights is giving you a great way to explore from a different viewpoint.